• eye-related: eyebrows—eyelash—eyelid—pupil—black eyes—crescent-shaped eyes
• cheek—cheekbones—freckle—pimple—dimple—mole—wrinkle
• nose—nose bridge—hooked nose—nasal tip
• mouth—lips(upper&lower)—front tooth
• hair—bzct—medium length—curly—wavy—bald—mohawk
• beard—sideburns—mustache

• verbs:feature; impress; outshine; attract; draw; be most
• nouns:determination;dignity;altruism; integrity




• sky—dot—dye—color
• bird—chirp—sing—soar
• flower—types—petals—falling
• trees—pines—willow(catkin)—cypress—firs—maple—luxuriant—vigorous
• color—a blaze of colors—types
• water—crystal clear—reflection
• sunset—radiant—sparks—splashed;
• snow—covered—fairytale
• pavilion—pagoda group—Chinese—collision


• main tone—match—goes well—blend—combination
• glazed tile roof—archaic eaves—exquisitely carved columns
• structure—symmetric—steelwork—Baroque-style—Gothic
architecture(Pointed arch)—Chinese-architecture(bracket system)
• ventilation system—lighting system—Internet of Things system—intelligent
family system—temperature control system(thermo-sensitive material)
• facilities—window(flood)—carpet(Bohemian style)—curtain(high opacity)
• ornament—ornamental plants—flower beds—centerpiece


• Materials—high-strength plastics—metal—aluminum—nylon cloth—
carbon fibre—nanometer materials—heat-resistant plastics
• Color—matte black—brilliant black→mystery of tech—hardness
and strength—weight
• Shape—circular—square—rectangular—cylindrical—conical
• Components—attach—fit—fix
• Position—at the top—in the middle—at the bottom—on the left
• Dimensions—in height/width/length/depth


• 《友谊之光》
• 《榜样的⼒量》
• 《旅⾏的意义》
• 《压舱⽯》
• 《信仰之物》

part 1

  • interesting:amusing/entertaining/engaging/intriguing/stimulating/fascinating/enjoyable/absorbing/attractive/appealing
  • important:necessary/vital/indispensable/valuable/essential/significant/primary/distinguished/crucial/prominent
  • good:excellent/outstanding/fantastic/marvellous/beneficial/righteous
  • happy:pleased/satisfied/delighted/joyful/cheerful/blissful/gay/gratified
  • I think:in my opinion/I believe/I strongly believe/I am quite convinced that/the way I see it/I suppose/as far as I am concerned/I consider
  • it goes without saying that there be…/I am not exaggerating, there are…


  • junior student in china university of mining and technology
  • major:computer science(specialized in cyber security)/geek buff
  • hobby : literature(Hundred Years of Solitude,The Three-Body Problem)/ travel(Korea,Canberra)/ films(Thor/Wall E/Big hero 6)
  • hometown:Jinhua: National famous historical and cultural city/one of China’s top ten liveable cities/climate/snacks/in the middle of Zhejiang province/population(The pressing matter for China’s family planning is to adjust the country’s demographic structure, which is more important than controlling the size of the population)


  • Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for an organism. It is usually of plant or animal origin, and contains essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals.The substance is ingested by an organism and assimilated by the organism’s cells to provide energy, maintain life, or stimulate growth.


  • Sleep is a naturally recurring state of mind and body, characterized by altered consciousness, relatively inhibited sensory activity, inhibition of nearly all voluntary muscles, and reduced interactions with surroundings.
  • During sleep, most of the body’s systems are in an anabolic state, helping to restore the immune, nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems; these are vital processes that maintain mood, memory, and cognitive function, and play a large role in the function of the endocrine and immune systems.


  • Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artefacts (artworks), expressing the author’s imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.
  • music: Flute(长笛),recorder/rock,metal,pop,folk/beat and tempo,melody
  • I love to listen to birds chirping, leaves rustling, rain falling onto the ground, waves lapping over the beach and streams gurgling down in the valley. They are the real sound of nature. The beauty is indescribable.
  • When rock singers sing, they perform with all their heart and soul. And I can feel overwhelming emotions coming out from their voice.


  • A film records a story and each story is different. Films enable me to experience different lives, which is the beauty of films
  • animated film/science fiction film/comedy


  • An ecosystem is a community of living things (animals, plants and microbes) and their interaction with the environment and its constituents such as water, air, soil, atmosphere, heat, light and the sun./Every element in an ecosystem has its own role./The complex interaction of living organisms and their environment is the basis for energy flow and recycling of important elements such as carbon and nitrogen.
  • Destroying the ecosystem causes rising of temperatures that may be too high for living organisms on the planet. It leads to deterioration of biodiversity that includes different types of animals and plants species. When habitats are destroyed, some species become extinct, ruining the food chain./ Destruction of the ecosystem results in global warming that causes the rising of the sea level as a result of melting glaciers/Destruction of the ecosystem leads to increased flooding due to erosion as a result of lack of trees. It also disrupts the food chain. Other effects of ecosystem destruction include water shortage, loss of biodiversity, food scarcity and pollution.
  • The amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is already above the threshold that can potentially cause dangerous climate change./Destructive sudden heavy rains, intense tropical storms, repeated flooding and droughts are likely to increase, as will the vulnerability of local communities in the absence of strong concerted action
  • Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil; the destruction of ecosystems; habitat destruction; the extinction of wildlife; and pollution.
  • Water Degradation
  • Air pollution, light pollution, littering, noise pollution, plastic pollution, soil contamination, radioactive contamination, thermal pollution, visual pollution, water pollution.
  • Air pollution: It may cause diseases, allergies and also death of humans;/it may also cause harm to other living organisms such as animals and food crops, and may damage the natural or built environment.
  • The source of outdoor noise worldwide is mainly caused by machines, transport and transportation systems. Poor urban planning may give rise to noise pollution./Some of the main sources of noise in residential area include loud music,transportation noise, lawn care maintenance, and nearby construction.
  • solution: Discussion concerning environmental protection often focuses on the role of government, legislation, and law enforcement. However, in its broadest sense, environmental protection may be seen to be the responsibility of all the people and not simply that of government. Decisions that impact the environment will ideally involve a broad range of stakeholders including industry, indigenous groups, environmental group and community representatives.

Technology changes our lifestyle

  • Since the mid-1990s, the Internet has had a revolutionary impact on culture, commerce, and technology, including the rise of near instant communication by electronic mail, instant messaging, two-way interactive video calls, and the World Wide Web.
  • This mobile revolution meant that computers in the form of smartphones became something many people used, took with them everywhere, communicated with, used for photographs and videos they instantly shared or to shop or seek information “on the move”./ Location-based services, services using location and other sensor information became common, with posts tagged by location, or websites and services becoming location aware.
  • Data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.
  • Unmanned Vehicle: An unscrewed vehicle or unmanned vehicle is a vehicle without a person on board. Unscrewed vehicles can either be remote controlled or remote guided vehicles, or they can be autonomous vehicles which are capable of sensing their environment and navigating on their own.
  • Targeted therapy: As a form of molecular medicine, targeted therapy blocks the growth of cancer cells by interfering with specific targeted molecules needed for carcinogenesis and tumour growth.

social problems

  • Consumerism is a social and economic order that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts.
  • Social problems in the workplace include occupational stress, theft, sexual harassment, wage inequality, gender inequality, racial inequality, health care disparities, and many more.
  • Occupational stress is stress related to one’s job. Occupational stress often stems from unexpected responsibilities and pressures that do not align with a person’s knowledge, skills, or expectations, inhibiting one’s ability to cope.
  • Unemployment is the situation of actively looking for employment but not being currently employed./Failure to pay mortgage payments or to pay rent may lead to homelessness./Unemployment increases susceptibility to cardiovascular disease, anxiety disorders, depression, and suicide./In addition, unemployed people have higher rates of medication use, poor diet, physician visits, tobacco smoking, alcoholic beverage consumption, drug use, and lower rates of exercise.
  • Juvenile Crime/Housing Price/Aging Problems


  • an old saying:one’s most vital characteristics are benevolence/justice/politeness/intelligence/trust


  • highly-educated neighbours/supporting facilities/pond
  • crystal chandelier/ventilation
  • outskirt/south-facing


  • complicated
  • majoring…involves…
  • a sense of satisfaction and achievement


  • heavy industry


  • In cultures which value punctuality, being late is seen as disrespectful of others’ time and may be considered insulting.

High School

  • style of the architecture


  • doings, functions, design, location-based service
  • instant messaging, socializing, short video shooting and sharing/photo-editing application, music video platform and social network
  • Wechat/QQ/Keep/Youtube/Alipay(instead of credit card)/Taobao(eBay)/google map


  • biographical dictionary, geographical dictionary, scientific dictionary.
  • cherish/portable/do sth. ’on the move’

Leisure time

  • Immerse myself in the world of books/Feel the sadness of the characters
  • closer to nature


  • spring: monsoon climate, agreeable climate, gentle breeze, abundant rainfall, sunny days cheer me up,
    early spring- flowers are a blaze of colours, comes to life again
    summer: maximum temperature, raining cats and dogs, extremely hot, heat, Celsius, get sunburned, blazing sun of
    autumn: maple leaves turn into, rosy sun glow, sparkling water, chilly weather
    winter: midwinter, heavy snow, snow-covered world, fairytale world, go skiing, snowball fight, ice sculpture


  • Samoyed/husky
  • habitat destruction, endangered, species, domino effect, break the ecological balance


  • Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity where an individual or group provides services for no financial or social gain “to benefit another person, group or organization”. Volunteering is also renowned for skill development and is often intended to promote goodness or to improve human quality of life.
  • Volunteering may have positive benefits for the volunteer as well as for the person or community served.It is also intended to make contacts for possible employment.
  • community volunteer work/environmental volunteering/volunteering at major Sport Event/ volunteering in an emergency
  • screening: Many volunteers are specifically trained in the areas they work, such as medicine, education, or emergency rescue. Others serve on an as-needed basis, such as in response to a natural disaster.

Daily routine

  • Schedules are necessary, or at least useful, in situations where individuals need to know what time they must be at a specific location to receive a specific service, and where people need to accomplish a set of goals within a set time period
  • dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, get up—wake up—alarm clock, brunch; oatmeal


  • the thoughts far overweighs the gift itself, sincere blessing, a reminder of friendship, represent, a reminder of…, invaluable
  • handmade

Rainy day

  • abundant rainfall and the typically mild temperature throughout most of the country have produced a lush vegetation cover. it has made possible the raising of a variety of crops
  • humid weather


  • newspapers/TV/radio/website/phone
  • News is information about current events/It is also used as a platform to manufacture opinion for the population.
  • Common topics for news reports include war, government, politics, education, health, the environment, economy, business, fashion, and entertainment, as well as athletic events, quirky or unusual events.
  • Humans exhibit a nearly universal desire to learn and share news, which they satisfy by talking to each other and sharing information.
  • Firstly the news can sometimes affect you. You might not think that news is constantly about crises in other countries, or things that have happened to other people, but more likely the news reflects a policy or government decision that will be utilising your tax money and that will affect your economy./At the same time the news can often affect you directly. For example the recent news of the ash cloud covering the sky meant that many flights had to be cancelled or couldn’t go ahead


  • types, facilities, location, doings
  • scenery for human enjoyment and recreation, for the protection of wild animals (natural habitat) grassy area(lawn), rockery, artefacts such as monuments, fountains, paved area, trails breathe in carbon dioxide, breathe out oxygen—photosynthesis—city’s green lung


  • physical development, feeling of being adult, study, development of individuality, frequent changes in the mood, general emotional instability. under pressure; heavy class load


  • personality, doings, appearance, friendship
  • impacts our physical and emotional well-being. having a circle of close friends will improve our odds of surviving cancer and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease.
  • our closest relationships can wilt or wither from neglect.


  • Photography, Cooking
  • sense of satisfaction, pride, self-esteem


  • massive, luxurious, long voyages
  • marketing theory: perceived benefit-perceived cost=customer’s satisfaction
  • public service ad., propaganda ad.
  • Commercial ads often seek to generate increased consumption of their products or services through “branding”, which associates a product name or image with certain qualities in the minds of consumers.


  • components, software, technology
  • with the rapidly developing, information age
  • short eye sighted, indulge in, distract attention, psychological disease
  • alienate sb. from society, go astray


  • public transport network
  • well-planned, highly-developed, street view/a bus route is like a tourism route


  • freestyle, backstroke, butterfly stroke
  • recreation, sport, exercises, survival


  • reflect personality/ different from mobile internet


  • harmonious, family bond, typical Chinese family
  • tend to…are more likely to
  • population control: one-child policy


  • instruments

Dream in Childhood

  • writer
  • changed since I chose science in high school


  • grey—doom
  • red-fire/hot/get-together/happiness
  • purple-mystery


  • energetic, vigorous
  • noise pollution, psychological disorders


  • cuisine:hot pot/hot hot hot

Space travel

  • technology, destination, motivation
  • space technology, rocket tech—Space X successfully recollected a rocket
  • We need new raw materials
  • It guarantees us greater world security
  • It could answer that eternal question… are we alone in the universe?

part 2(过去式)


  • “on the journey of life, it might take years for you to be halfway to the distention, but less than one sec to fall back to the very beginning, so there are two rules that everyone should keep in mind. Rule number one; never give up. Rule number two: never forget rule number one. Once you do it, your dream will come true. And you will have your own snowball. And it will get bigger and bigger”
  • “to my experience of these years, I think it is always brutal today, even more brutal tomorrow and wonderful the day after; but most of guys would die by tomorrow night and won’t be able to see the sunshine the day after tomorrow! That is to say, once you have got a dream, just go for it, never give it up easily; your dream might not come true in one day or two, but it will someday. Those ones who stick to the last are the real winners!”


  • neighbour,company with me,hang out
  • A: gorgeous,attractive/lovely dimples,crescent-shaped eyes/read warmth,enthusiasm
  • P: talkative(ideas on many fields),warm-hearted(scarify her own leisure time)/read masterpieces together
  • S: best friend/keep in touch/friendship/sturdy shelter, life-saving medicine
a visitor
  • study abroad/haven’t seen for five years
  • adventurous/experienced(what we are facing are her past stories)
  • show my hospitality
an adventurous person
  • take risks,leave her comfort zone to write a new chapter
a childhood friend
  • 着重childhood/friendship
a talkative person
  • 着重talkative
a leader
  • leadership:the ability to “lead” or guide other individuals/Sincere enthusiasm/Great communication skills/Loyalty/Decisiveness/Charisma

Aristotle(a professional person)

  • a presentation of him/one of the great three philosophers of ancient Athens
  • A: angular/curly hair,deep-sunken eyes/reflect wise
  • P: experienced/rigorous(strictly limit his conclusions to available evidence)
  • A: invent logic,syllogistic methodology,”reason equals virtue equals happiness”/make us think what is true,right moral,good/figure out by ourselves/study fundamental problems of existence,values
  • idol

Stephen Chow(a comic actor)

  • Hong Kong film director, actor, film producer and martial artist
  • A: gorgeous,Casanova/dewy-eyed,watery,medium-height/Sincere,humorous
  • W: A Chinese Odyssey (fantasy-comedy film,The film adopts a very open attitude when adapting original literary works./true love) / CJ7 (friendship with alien/family/justice)
  • A: Golden Horse Awards/Golden Globe Award
  • P: book: Without Dream, What’s the Difference between Men And Salted Fish
  • learn from laughter/idol(We aspire to be better than we are,provide inspiration and support when needed)

Fu Yuanhui(a famous athlete/a professional person)

  • a Chinese competitive female swimmer who specializes in backstroke.
  • A: lovely/round face,baby fat,watery eyes/warm,energetic,inspired
  • P: humorous(In the interview, Fu complained her swimsuit was too tight./Throughout the Olympics, her cheerful interviews and goofy demeanour made her very popular./Her series of facial expressions spread widely in the Internet/ and her sayings such as “I’ve already spent my supernatural energy!” become very popular catchwords./She takes part in some TV talk shows and charity activities.)
  • A: owns the world record in the 50-meter backstroke/Fu gained popularity and became a swimming icon nationwide.
  • Faster, Higher, Stronger/idol


  • xxx buff-xxx控/xxx protectionist-xxx保护者
  • feature/impress/attract/draw/outshine/I’m not exaggerate
  • spectacular,picturesque,photogenic,fantasy,magnificent,breath-taking/unspeakable-amazing/feast my eyes
  • unburden oneself/closer to my own roots/far away from bustling city/therapeutic


  • L: centre of university

  • step into/interior->lobby(be flooded with/match,go well with/set the main tone of whole/highlight)

    indoor garden(centrepiece):flower beds(colour,fragrance,decoration,photosynthesis)/displace of ornamental trees/lush vegetation/fountain->refinement/refugee

    dragon,phoenix patterns(archaic)/columns and walls/subtle blend,collision/integrate the concept of … with …

    ventilation system/temperature control system(air-conditioner,adjust)/lighting system(light opacity)/projector/poster

    exquisite Gothic carpet/symmetric

    the very top:ceiling-to-floor windows->室外

  • enjoy a phenomenon of study/learn from literature masterpieces

  • books can: Build social skills and confidence/Increase empathy and sympathy/Combat stress and anxiety/Help you understand and manage a condition like depression

A tall building
  • 200m high
  • glazed tile
  • perfect in shape and function/a strong sense of modernization/appealing design
A reading and writing place
  • first day in my college/everyone sinking in their stuff/quiet
A shopping street
  • Books street with the biggest bookstore and other shops for education
  • popular:discount/reading’s power
A street market
  • market of second-hand books
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude,series of works by Mo Yan/worth collecting and intensive reading for more than one time


Yunlong park
  • W: travel lover->all the natural beauty and human landscape->most attractive

  • L: Xuzhou

  • cloud dotted the sky/lark soaring

    in the distance:towering mountains/be in bloom,a blaze of colour



    stroll along the winding trail:brunches extend out over the river,petals/European bench

    souvenirs:cultural shirt

  • soak in/virgin land/a gift from god

A trip by PT
  • 冲突:太大走不完->Shared bicycle(scan QR code,cheap,convenient/exercise/scenery)
  • tour de lake
A public place
  • need improvement:transport/unexpected European bench
A place where you visit
  • often,with friends or family
An important river
  • 15 square kilometres
A city
  • Canberra(capital of Australia,Australia’s largest inland city)/The site of Canberra was selected for the location of the nation’s capital in 1908 as a compromise between rivals Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s two largest cities.
  • The city’s design was influenced by the garden city movement and incorporates significant areas of natural vegetation.
  • Lake Burley Griffin
  • ANU
A planned trip
  • Lake Burley Griffin(see in the national geography)
  • go with parents(never travel abroad/ANU)
A perfect holiday
  • next winter/family
Things with family member
  • grandparents(AP:wrinkle/experienced)
  • once a month
  • When it comes to something I like doing with my family members, The first one coming into my mind is
    the “family conversation”, the theme can be as microscopical as government decisions and newly-issued policies, also can be as specific as ‘today’s recipe ’. I very much enjoy this family ritual
  • talk about live and fate/TTO
  • family(backup force)
A season
  • 比较
  • fallen leaves


  • decreases the weight and increases the overall strength
  • From small sailing craft to towering cruise liners, boats need ballast to keep their balance in turbulent conditions. Without the presence of ballast weight, ships are at the mercy of the wind and waves. With sufficient ballasts, however, rock and roll are minimized and the danger of capsizing is greatly reduced./As you are well aware, turbulent times are currently upon us.Life is topsy-turvy and many people are experiencing emotional nausea as their vessel tosses to and fro. So, what we need is spiritual ballast to keep us level—to buoy us up and to give us a sense of stability as we sail through choppy waters.
  • I love this xxx not only because of the xxx itself but also because of the sentimental value the xxx has to me. It is the origin of confidence, power, and motivation to me.
  • it is actually more than a xxx, but also a reminder of our solid friendship. It reminds me that I have my backup force, no matter what I am experiencing. It is the thing that shines forever.

onxy boox note

  • like a kindle/Not only e-Reader, it’s a versatile E Ink tablet/like an iPad
  • C(material,shape/colour,dimensions):rectangular,matte black->shows the mystery of advanced

    technology./superb crafts

    10.3 inches,300g,no zooming and scrolling/high-strength plastic->light weighted and shatterproof/Sharper and clearer/Glare free, readable directly in sunlight

    Wacom pen:attach/ responsive, precise and smooth->offers most natural pen-to-paper experience.

    4096 levels of pressure sensitivity->superior control to create very artistic images and text.

    32 GB internal storage->Your ideas any time and anywhere

    Android 6.0->open operating system beats all,unlike the closed linux-based E Ink ereader,gives you the opportunity to maximize NOTE value.

    Highlight, Bookmark, Annotation,dictionary/Zoom/Side note/The font type, size and margins can be customized./Handwritten notes on PDF files/Robust web-browsing/Built-in Dual Speakers, Stereophonic Sound Effect

    The Perfect Combination of Portability and Performance

  • F1:Its devices enable users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via wireless networking to the Store.The hardware platform comprises a range of devices, including e-readers with E Ink electronic paper displays and other applications on all major computing platforms.

  • adv:Different from LED/ LCD screen, E Ink screen allows you to enjoy the convenience of technology as well as to experience the traditional paper-like feeling.

  • BOOX redefines E Ink electronics. With BOOX, you can not only read, but also write, draw and take notes just like on real paper./It deliver truly paper-like reading, writing and note-taking experience.

A piece of technology
  • feeling:书的力量
A special toy
  • parents,childhood,toy
save money
  • 3000
  • 衣(不买新衣服)食(自己做饭)住(不开空调)行(走路骑车),更健康环保
  • 不用买书:节约、保护环境
Saving money day
  • going to buy onxy boox note
An owned thing
  • replace: hard to concentrate/low response
Something important
  • lost: during a trip/thought I can read,sketch during the tour
  • buy an iPad
  • The iPhone X screen is made of high strength glass which also provides the reliable hardness. My iPhone X is brilliant black which shows superb craft. Besides, it is 14.6 cm in height, 7.9cm in width and 7.7 millimetre in thickness, which enables one hand operation. / At the very top of it, a front-facing camera is very conspicuous, which looks like its fringe. On the reverse side of it, a vertically arranged dual-camera is attached to the base.
The first cell phone
  • university/parents
  • contact/study
  • When it comes to a piece of furniture, the first one coming into my mind is my secretaire. Because I need to address a lot of workloads, I must spend large amount of time on this piece of furniture. Naturally, I am very demanding to choose an exquisite one. Therefore, my blue-eyed secretaire definitely is my target.
  • This secrétaire is made of rosewood, which is a very famous and expensive material providing the hardness, the strength, and also the dignity. The colour is my favourite “Espresso”, which goes really well with the tone of room. It is composed of four elaborately carved legs and a smooth table top. To be more exact, the tabletop is rectangular without hard corners, and it is about 1.2 meters wide, 2 meters in length and 80 cm in height.Generally, it is designed and fitted by some professional carpenters according to ergonomics.
  • It goes without saying that there are lots of things I did on the table. About ten years ago, I prepared for the college entrance examination on this table, it provided a spacious place, smooth tabletop and unique fragrant of the rosewood. Undoubtedly, I did a good job. Then, I also conquered the IELTS examination and performed many tasks on this table. So it is just like an old pal of mine standing there to help.
  • Now, I have been in the competitive labour market, the occupational stress is never absent. Life is topsy-turvy and many people are experiencing emotional nausea as their vessel tosses to and fro. It is like the spiritual ballast for me, every time when I feel stressed, it reminds me of the glorious bygones: I am the not alone.
A furniture
  • parents bought
A photo
  • 风景
  • 家人
  • photo:glance over/a trop down the memory line/frame/backdrop/rosewood/screams chic and graceful



  • It was a Sunday afternoon, the temperature could up to 40 degree Celsius I remember. Everything was like melting, it’s like…I could even smell something burning.
    I called to the examination centre to check the result of my college entrance examination. I actually did not do a very good job, I mean, I failed. It was a total blow to me. It was like something I had wanted for a long time and when I was so close to it, all of a sudden, the bubble bursts. At that time I treated everything around me with a touch of gray. I didn’t know what I should do, and I thought it was unequal. I paid so much, but no gains. I suspected the meaning of the true life, I denied myself.
    Afterwards, my father came into my bedroom and said: ‘My son, no matter what the result is, you are worthy to have a thumb. Because we all know how much you have paid.Even you failed, you have to be adventurous and fight harder until you win because the only dream maker of your dream is nobody but you.’ His words inspired me so much.
    One week later, I made a decision. I decided to apply the university in Britain. And good news was that offers were like raindrops running to me several weeks later.


  • When it comes to a party I joined, the first one coming into my mind is actually a birthday party I threw last year. Because last year I just finished my postgraduate and returned to China, and my birthday was just around the corner. I planed to throw a party, a creatively-designed party.
    I planed 1 month out so that I have ample time for publicity and created a large we-chat invite guest list. What surprised me was that almost all of my friends came to my place, no matter how far they were.
    I picked the theme—‘Ocean Flame’, in which the ocean meant the the ‘depth of our friendship’, the flame meant the enthusiasm. I livened up my accommodation with red and blue. And I tailored myself a blue-red stripe T-shirt. I thought I must be the champion of the ‘main tone matched challenge’. But, surprisingly, my friend won the challenge with a blue-red stripe pyjama.
    Although, I didn’t win the game, I was so happy about that experience, I think friendship forever!
  • food/drinks/music/keep guests entertained and mingling(feel more involved)
  • Plan at least 3 months out so that you have ample time for publicity and to create a large e-mail invite guest list./Pick a date when nothing else is happening: Make sure to check sports, community, church and other organization calendars before finalizing your date./Have finger foods available for guests as soon as they enter. Something they can pop in their mouth in the blink of eye./Design a playlist now of all songs that meet your party needs. /a few personalized items to make them feel special and to remember the party./If you have different groups of friends present, you’re the glue that brings them together. So break out your inner social butterfly and find ways to get them talking to each other.
A party
  • feel

bazi meat

  • streak meat:slice/thickness
  • sauce->preserved: soy sauce&sugar/salty,sweet tooth/proportion
  • dry in the air on a plate
  • pour,wok/deep-fry->medium well
  • stew sauce,earthen jar,neatly->boiled/turn down->simmer
  • seasonings:sliced ginger/graded garlic/pepper/star anise
A time when others helped
  • starving but can’t cook
  • friend help
  • feeling
A happy moment
  • with family
An event
  • New Year/a get-together
An unusual meal
  • friend’s home/made it by ourselves
A TV program
  • A bit of China
An interesting subject
  • cooking
  • teacher


A sport

  • swimming
  • Fu Yuanhui,idol
  • 仰泳、风景
  • 动作、和谁
  • 锻炼身体
  • 升华灵魂

A special occasion

  • Welcome party for entering the university
  • wear a navy blue dress bought by my parents in outlet Hangzhou(lovely)
  • My future career, what I will do, where I will be and what I will become would be shaped by this event. If I had been admitted to a different university in a different faculty, things in my life would have been different. That’s why I consider this event as a very significant event in my life./I felt proud to be allowed to study there, and my parents were very proud as well. I felt bit sad that I would have to leave my family afterwards but I knew that was for a greater purpose.I felt that a different part of my life is going to start and I was determined to follow the right track with time.

A polite situation

  • well I would actually like to start by saying that I try to be polite in all situations, because that was basically how I was brought up, but there are some situations in everyone’s life when it is very easy to be impolite but still one behaves politely.

    Here, I’m going to speak about a situation when it was very easy to be angry and rude, but I still behaved politely. /home/I bought a laptop after saving my pocket money for one whole year. One day my 9-year-old cousin came to my house and started to play games on my laptop. I stopped her many times but she wouldn’t listen.suddenly she cried because the laptop was felt down on the floor. I was very angry. I wanted to speak some harsh words to her. But I had read somewhere that if you lose your temper then you should clench your fist and count 10. I did that. And, by the time I had counted 10 my anger vanished. I didn’t say anything to my cousin. After all she’s only a child. Then I picked my laptop and try to restart it . I know very well that if I had shouted to my cousin for breaking my laptop . I would have felt very bad later on.

    Anger and rudeness lead to nothing. So, this was the situation when I behaved politely./ if you do make the effort to be polite, then it makes a big difference, because then you’ll leave a very good impression and consequently be welcome as a guest again in the future.

A good service

  • Customer care is an important aspect for the growth of a business organisation in all terms. If the customer care service is not up to the mark, it becomes difficult for the organisation to grow in business.
  • The restaurant that I am going to introduce is near my office.It is a small restaurant owned by a young couple selling local and traditional food such as Taiwanese meatballs and braised pork over rice.I visit this restaurant about twice a week.The last time I went there is last Friday night.I studied overtime and missed a normal dinner time that almost every restaurant was closed. Fortunately,this restaurant was still opened.The female owner was as welcoming as she used to be.She listened to me about my work and encouraged me,which makes me feel warm.She is always attentive and thoughtful as if she is my mom.After finished my dinner,I found that I forget to bring money.She was totally ok with it and even gave me a bag of fruits back home.I think why I love this restaurant is not only because their palatable foods but the way the owner treats me.
  • But I consider this customer care service as an effective and improved one. They really care about their customers.

A useful skill

  • addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • things got complex with algebra, geometry, estimating powers and roots and stuff like that
  • interpret and understand data
  • Mental Math Skills/Descriptive and Predictive Statistics/Work Habits/Communicating My Thought Process/Problem Solving
  • When it comes to a useful skill I learnt from the math class, the first one coming into my mind a concept called ‘magic of compounding interest’. I am a Finance and Economics student, which involves lots of calculation, especially the return rate of some investments. From that lesson, it was like an eye-opening lesson.
    During the class, my teacher asked us a question: “Would you rather have $$ 10,000 per day for 30 days or a penny that doubled in value every day for 30 days?” Some of us shouted “I’d like chose $10,000 a day, that could up to $300,000 in total!”. Some of us were just quiet without any thoughts.
    Then our teacher explained: We should choose the doubling penny, because at the end of 30 days, we would have about $$5 million versus the $300,000 we would have if we chose $10,000 per day! All of us were just shocked about the magic of ‘doubling’.
    He then complemented: ‘’Compound interest is often called the eighth wonder of the world, because it seems to possess magical powers, like turning a penny into $5 million. The great part about compound interest is that it applies to money, and it helps us to achieve our financial goals, such as becoming a millionaire, retiring comfortably, or being financially independent.

A historical period

  • 20th centuries
  • The century saw a major shift in the way that many people lived, with changes in politics, ideology, economics, society, culture, science, technology, and medicine. The 20th century may have seen more technological and scientific progress than all the other centuries combined since the dawn of civilization/Scientific discoveries, such as the theory of relativity and quantum physics, profoundly changed the foundational models of physical science, forcing scientists to realize that the universe was more complex than previously believed/It was a century that started with horses, simple automobiles, and freighters but ended with high-speed rail, cruise ships, global commercial air travel and the Space Shuttle./Mass media, telecommunications, and information technology (especially computers, paperback books, public education, and the Internet) made the world’s knowledge more widely available. /The world also became more culturally homogenized than ever with developments in transportation and communications technology, popular music and other influences of Western culture, international corporations, and what was arguably a true global economy by the end of the 20th century.
  • art: Picasso-Regarded as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, he is known for co-founding the Cubist movement, the invention of constructed sculpture, the co-invention of collage, and for the wide variety of styles that he helped develop and explore.
  • music: The Beatles-an English rock band/they became widely regarded as the foremost and most influential music band in history./Michael Jackson-an American singer, songwriter, and dancer/Dubbed the “King of Pop”, he was one of the most popular entertainers in the world, and was the best-selling music artist during the year of his death.
  • literature: Mark Twain-The Adventures of Tom Sawyer /Helen Keller-A prolific author, Keller was well-traveled and outspoken in her convictions. A member of the Socialist Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World, she campaigned for women’s suffrage, labor rights, socialism, antimilitarism, and other similar causes. /Márquez-a Colombian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist/Hundred Years of Solitude /His works have achieved significant critical acclaim and widespread commercial success, most notably for popularizing a literary style known as magic realism, which uses magical elements and events in otherwise ordinary and realistic situations
  • computer,network:Alan Turing- Turing was highly influential in the development of theoretical computer science, providing a formalisation of the concepts of algorithm and computation with the Turing machine, which can be considered a model of a general purpose computer.Turing is widely considered to be the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence/Bill Gates- an American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, humanitarian, and principal founder of Microsoft Corporation.

A website

  • Prepare your content:choose a platform (content management system)/html+css+php/python

    design the framework: connect your database (mysql) with php, setup an html template, make header, footer, dynamic sidebar, fetch title, content, meta tags, meta description for dynamic web pages (individual pages). /You can manage these web pages form the manage site area which is like the admin section of the website./ integrate facebook fan page, google badge plugin, and twitter follow button in the sidebar.

  • Register your domain name(Owning your own domain name looks far more professional than having your site on someone else’s domain, and it’s super affordable, too.),WEB HOSTING(make sure your website loads quickly and won’t go down for hours at a time)
  • Build your website
  • You will need to Optimise your website so it can be easily used on smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • resume/Record the mental journey/lessons and experience

A good decision

  • to build my own website

A song

  • Immortals/Fall Out Boy/Big Hero 6(“Immortals” is a song written and recorded by American rock band Fall Out Boy for the 2014 Walt Disney Animation Studios film Big Hero 6.)

  • the Big Hero 6 team is transformed from a group of super smart individuals to a band of high-tech heroes./“It was insane how much it lined up with the way our band saw the world.”/the idea of this kid stepping up on behalf of his brother. Your victories aren’t exclusively yours, so the fact that all of these people are coming together to help him get to the finish line is really exciting.

  • I’ll be the watcher (watcher) of the eternal flame,

    I’ll be the guard dog of all your favorite dreams,

    I am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass

    I try to picture me without you but I can’t

    Sometimes the only pay off for having any faith,
    Is when it’s tested again and again everyday,
    I’m still comparing your past to my future,
    It might be your wound but they’re my sutures,

  • The real appeal of Big Hero 6 isn’t its action. It’s the central character’s heart.offers something for everyone: action, camaraderie, superheroes and villains. But mostly, Baymax offers a compassionate and healing voice for those suffering, and a hug that can be felt through the screen.

  • melody/spirit

A tv programme

  • When ask about a TV program, what I’d like to talk about is a documentary named A bite of China. I am really a big fan of Traditional Chinese Cuisine, I am actually more than a gourmet but also a cook. So I regard this TV program as my Bible.

A story

  • “Gimpel the Fool” is Singer’s best-known and most acclaimed work of short fiction./ (a Polish-born Jewish writer/awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1978)
  • told by literature teacher
  • It tells the story of Gimpel, a simple bread maker who is the butt of many of his town’s jokes.
  • Gimpel, an orphan/is teased as a child for believing anything he is told, no matter how outlandish. As he grows to adulthood and becomes a baker, he remains gullible, and he is widely regarded as a fool. When townspeople bully Gimpel into marrying the town whore, Elka, he becomes her cuckolded husband. Eventually he falls in love with her and accepts her abuse and infidelities. Elka has a baby four months into the marriage, and Gimpel trusts that the child was “premature.” When Gimpel finds Elka in bed with another man, he is ordered by the rabbi to divorce her. Reluctant to do so, he proclaims that he must have hallucinated the entire incident. With that rationalization, the rabbi allows him to return to his wife, who eventually has six more children, none of whom are Gimpel’s. Before she dies, she confesses the truth to Gimpel. As a result, he experiences a profound loss of faith and sense of betrayal. He even urinates on the bread dough he makes in the town bakery to exact vengeance against the townspeople who think that he is a fool. The Devil encourages Gimpel’s need for revenge and fosters his spiritual doubts. When Elka visits Gimpel in a dream and warns him not to be like she was, he buries the contaminated dough and leaves Frampol. Liberated from his role as the village fool, he wanders the countryside and tells fantastic stories about devils, magicians, and windmills. In the end, he is at peace with his life and looks forward to death./comes to realize profound truths about love, evil, and spiritual faith
  • In this work, Singer explores the nature of belief, which, in the modern, secular world, is often considered foolish./the power of faith and love, the virtue of the powerless, innocence, tolerance, and conformity.

An animal

  • Akita:a large breed of dog originating from the mountainous northern regions of Japan.
  • The Akita is a powerful, independent and dominant breed, commonly aloof with strangers but affectionate with family members. As a breed, Akitas are generally hardy, but they have been known to be susceptible to various genetic conditions and can be sensitive to certain drugs
  • The story of Hachikō, the most revered Akita of all time, helped push the Akita into the international dog world. Hachikō accompanied his master to and from the station each day. On May 25, 1925, when the dog was 18 months old, he waited for his master’s arrival on the four o’clock train, but Professor Ueno had a fatal brain haemorrhage at work. Hachikō continued to wait for his master’s return. He travelled to and from the station each day for the next nine years. He allowed the professor’s relatives to care for him, but he never gave up the vigil at the station for his master. Eventually, Hachikō’s legendary faithfulness became a national symbol of loyalty, particularly to the person and institution of the Empero.
  • If ever there was an angel in fur, it was Kamikaze. I know I shall never feel quite the same tenderness for any other pet. The Akita dog has all the qualities that appeal to me — he is gentle, companionable and trusty.(Helen Keller)
  • As a spitz breed, the appearance of the Akita reflects cold weather adaptations essential to their original function/The Akita is a substantial breed for its height with heavy bones./Characteristic physical traits of the breed include a large, bear-like head with erect, triangular ears set at a slight angle following the arch of the neck./Additionally, the eyes of the Akita are small, dark, deeply set and triangular in shape./ Akitas have thick double coats, and tight, well knuckled cat-like feet/Their tails are carried over the top of the back in a gentle or double curl down the loin.

Part 3


• 1. 男和⼥
• 2. ⽼和少
• 3. 过去和现在
• 4. 东⽅和⻄⽅
• 5. 不同的相关职业

  • For starter, I have to say that there are many differences of xxx comparing men with women. Men tend to logically (compare the cost and benefit of the targeted things), then decide whether to buy it or not. However, women are more likely to be (shopping freak, buying things on impulse). They are emotional creatures.
  • First, it goes without saying that there are many differences of … comparing men with women. Men tend to… However, women are more likely to …It might seems a little bit weird, but I suppose men and women are naturally like it. For example, men in general can take decisions without being emotionally affected that much while women in general take into consideration other factors that are related to emotions that most men overlook.

Gender Differences

  1. Logical thinking vs emotional thinking
    Men in general can take decisions without being emotionally affected that much while women in general take into consideration other factors that are related to emotions that most men overlook.
  1. Men and women process information at different rates
    The male brain contains more grey matter whereas the female brain contains more white matter. White matter basically increases the speed of transmission of all nerve signals which ultimately allows women to process thoughts more rapidly than their male counterparts.
  1. Reaction to stress
    Men have been known to take a ‘fight or flight’ approach to dealing with stress. Women, however, have been shown in studies to ‘tend-and-befriend,’ namely, creating and joining social groups for support and resources. Women generally tend to have larger social support networks which seem to help with relieving stress and aid in the confrontation of the stress source.

Age difference

Young and Old People are two sections of people in the society that show differences between them in terms of their behaviour, nature, likes, dislikes.

  1. Young people like adventurous life whereas old people wish for balanced life.
  2. Young people are not very experienced in life whereas old people are very much experienced in their life. This is the reason why many youngsters sought their advices regarding important matters concerned with their lives.
  3. Young people generally tolerate errors and blemishes. On the other hand old people don’t.

Space-time difference

  • The key difference between past and present lifestyles is that the past lifestyle can be described as a simple, traditional, home-based lifestyle with a self-sufficient economy and simple tools. Present lifestyle, on the other hand, is complex, efficient, comfortable, and modern, highly technological, and is based on a profit maximizing production economy. The complexity or sophistication of the lifestyle may however depend on the income level, geographical location and culture.
  • Technology is one of the principal driving forces of the future; it is transforming our lives and shaping our future at rates unprecedented in history, with profound implications which we can’t even begin to see or understand.

First, I have to say there are many changes happened these years in terms of relaxation methods. Thanks to the ever-increasing Chinese people’s living standards and ever-growing Chinese economy, gone forever are those days when Chinese people were confined to just stay at home watching TV or chatting with family and neighbours: here comes the time when we are offered millions of options: going clubbing, joining all kinds of clubs…whatever you name it.

Region Difference

It’s said that East and West can never meet up. As they differ in history, religion, political system etc.; differences are clearly seen in Eastern and Western ways to deal with education.

  • The major difference between eastern and western culture is that people in the east are more conservative and traditional than the general population in the west.
  • People in the West are more open to express their feelings. If they are angry, they may express. But, people in the east may cover it for tact and good manners.

It’s said that East and West can never meet up. As they differ in history, religion, political system etc.; differences are clearly seen in Eastern and Western ways to deal with wedding customs. Chinese weddings feature arm-crossed drinking, bowing before parents, bowing to each other; However, western countries are a totally different picture. Wedding in western countries feature ring exchanging, cake-cutting, taking-the-wedding-vows. I guess it is a natural result of different social background, cultural backgrounds and ethnic backgrounds between China and western countries.

  • teaching methodology:

    cram knowledge; exam-oriented; step by step

    inspire; encourage; show more initiative, creativity and imagination.

Occupation difference

  • Personality
  • Job Requirement

Although they look quite similar and they do share a lot in common, there are many significant differences between them. For starter,xxx while xxx. Another difference is that xxx. Besides, they leave people different impressions. xxx


What are the advantages and disadvantages of…
How do you feel about / what do you think of…

  • xxx has always been the topic that is widely talked about and debated. It has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. Let me get started from the bright side. In terms of the advantages of xxx, the first I’d like to talk about here is xxx, another benefit is… and of course, we can’t ignore its dark side, initially, xxx. Also xxx.

Pros and Cons of Technology

  • We are all aware of the big place that technology occupies in our lives. If you’re not, then just take a quick look at the way technology is shaping your home, your car, your mobile phone, etc. Technology is everywhere! With the huge development of technology, a parallel movement toward innovation in the different economic and social fields is underway
  1. Improves Efficiency For Business
    Things like computers, email, and the internet have all greatly impacted society, but perhaps most of all, business. Things can be done almost instantly with the use of technology. The means of manufacturing goods has also been greatly streamlined. This has caused a major reduce in waste, and lower costs for the consumers

    Technology in education is the biggest change in teaching we will ever see. For years, policy makers, teachers, parents and students alike have been weighing the potential benefits of technology in education against its risks and consequences.

    On one hand, using technology in the classroom allows you to experiment in pedagogy, democratize the classroom and better engage students. On the other hand, some other technology in the classroom can be distracting and even foster cheating.

  1. More Job Opportunities
    Technology has created an immense amount of new jobs in our world’s economy. An entirely new group of people are needed to work with, develop, and maintain all of the new technology in homes and the workplace.
  1. Better Communication
    Staying in contact is easier now than it has ever been. You can talk to, video chat with, or collaborate with anybody in the entire world. This has spurred on amazing things, and a better understanding of others cultures.
  1. Incredible Medical Care
    A lot of new technology is constantly being developed for the medical field. Surgical procedures and every day functions have been made so simple and efficient that the level of sickness and accidents have decreased significantly

  1. A Social Divide
    Technology is expensive, and keeping up with the latest trends is almost impossible for someone who isn’t in the upper class. This has caused a major social divide among the population of people who can and cannot afford these technologies
  1. A Generation of Laziness
    With every thing made easier, or completely done for us, through the use of technology, people are slowly but surely forgetting how to to do things the old fashioned way…good old hard work. You no longer have to pull out the dictionary or visit the library if you want information, you can simply type in a question and get an answer. This is also true for children, they are becoming more and more focused on things like the internet and video games that they are spending much less time outside and being active.

The mobile popularity has always been the topic that is widely talked about and debated. It has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. Let me get started from the bright side. Speaking off the top of my head, the mobile internet improves the efficiency of business, more quickly responded feedback mechanism, and the lower managerial cost etc. And of course we can’t ignore its dark side. The first thing is that this newly-emerging things alienate people, people are more likely to communicated virtually without face to face communication. Another disadvantages springs to mind is…I think these are two sides of the same coin.

Pros and Cons: Urbanization

After the industrial revolution urban population all over the world is increasing. There is a rapid migration of rural people to urban areas for jobs and better living. As a result the population in the towns and cities are increasing and rural population is dwindling. The rapid in rush of people to the urban areas is pressuring its limited space and cause all type of health and environmental hazards

  • Growth in industrial productions: The production in various industrial sectors like cement, iron and steel, textile, fertilizers ,computing etc., are helping in the economic growth of the country.

  • Growth in trade and commerce: Urbanization helps the nation’s business sector. Rural people came to the urban places with their goods.

  • Development in tourism industries: People from foreign countries are attracted to good cities and towns having better transport facilities. Tourism is a good source of foreign currency for a country.

  • Improvement in Science, Culture etc.: Urban places are the meeting point of all good cultures of various localities. Education, science and technology developments take place in urban places improving the society as a whole

  • The rapid inflows of rural population to urban places give rise to housing problem and thus slums are developed in these places.

  • The decrease in rural population effects the agricultural productions due to shortage of workers in rural areas

  • The unemployment increases in urban areas. Due to the various criminal activities, corruption etc. increases affecting the law and order system

Immigrants has always been the topic that is widely talked about and debated. It has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. Let me get started from the bright side. Speaking off the top of my head, it improves the industrial production, the production in various industrial sectors like cement, iron and steel, textile, fertilizers ,computing etc; another benefit is that the immigration increases diversity in religion, culture, food and even fashion, and of course, we can’t ignore its dark side. The first thing is greater property; another disadvantage springs to my mind is the increase in crimes.

Pros and Cons: Economic Growth

Economic growth is desirable because it provides employment, stimulation and creature comforts that humans seek. Previously economic growth was totally about consumption and consumption of physical products. As such economic growth resulted in the devastation of the earth’s land. Today, learned people see economic growth in terms of sustainable growth and the growth in non-physical assets. The world is changing rapidly and there are many examples where economic growth has provided new employment and new efficiency.

  • Higher per capita income which enable the population to enjoy quality goods and services and have better standard of living

  • Lower unemployment rate in the economy i.e. more employment opportunities which directly contributing towards the further economic growth.

  • When an economy grows, it increases higher tax revenues and there will be comparatively less need to spend money on various benefits. And, it will reduce government borrowings as well as debt in GDP Ratios.

  • Economic growth encourages investment and also encourages virtuous cycle of economic growth.

  • Depletion of non-renewable resources

  • More goods/ services may not always mean more happiness


What do you think a good…should be like?
What qualifications should a good…have?

A good teacher

  1. Friendliness and Congeniality

• I think the most important characteristic of a good teacher can have is to be friendly and congenial with his students. It is a plus if his students can share their problems with him, without being afraid or hesitant.

  1. A Good Personality

• Students always get attracted to teachers with good personality which leads to better communication, understanding, and ultimately good results.

  1. Deep Knowledge and a Great Education

• Another important characteristic of a good teacher is his knowledge and own education. There is a saying that ‘a teacher is only as good as his knowledge is.’

  1. A Good Communicator

• One of the very important characteristics of a good teacher is his communication skills. He should be a very good speaker.

  1. A Good Listener

• As there is Turkish proverb: “If speaking is silver; then listening is gold.” Remember, a good listener will always have many friends and fans.

  1. Kindness

• The last but obviously one of the most important characteristics to have in his box of qualities: he should be a gentle, kind,

A good lawyer

  1. Listening Skills

• In order to properly understand the case, all lawyers must listen to their clients. Without listening skills, the lawyer will miss pertinent information. For the strongest case possible, the lawyer must understand every aspect of the case and look at it from all angles.

  1. Speaking Skills

• All lawyers must be able to speak clearly and concisely. A lot of lawyers are comfortable in front of a large group of people, but they lack the ability to form a logical thought that gets his/her point across. Another aspect of speaking skills is to understand legal terminology. Legal professionals have to be able to understand and explain the terminology to the client. If you can’t understand your lawyer, then neither can the jury.

  1. Responsiveness

• This is a skill that not every lawyer has, which a lot of clients find out about quickly. All lawyers should respond to their clients, law partners, secretaries, and anyone else involved in a case. Putting off a conversation or not being readily available as often as possible can result in a failed case because the information the client wants to provide is crucial to the case’s integrity

  1. Analytical Skills

• All lawyers should be able to look at any situation and analyze it from all points of view. Criminal defense attorneys have to look at the case from the view of the prosecutor, and vice versa. All lawyers must be able to take in large amounts of information at a time, organize it, and understand it on the spot. When a case
is in session, curveballs will likely be thrown and they have to be able to interpret and respond to them appropriately.

A good friend

  1. They’ll always be honest with you.

• These are the friends that aren’t afraid to give you a wake-up call whenever necessary. A real friend will tell you what you need to hear because they care about you.

  1. They love you for yourself.

• We all have our quirks, and a real friend will love you for who you truly are. We all need friends that we can be weird and goofy around.

  1. They give more than they take.

• Real friends are thoughtful and are willing to be there for you whenever you need them. We are all climbing a different mountain, and genuine friends will care about your problems as much as their own.

  1. They compromise.

• In any relationship, it’s important to meet in the middle. Friends will have disagreements from time to time, and when that happens, it’s best to work out a solution together.

  1. They are respectful of you.

• You won’t always agree with your friends, but that’s okay. True friends welcome and respect your thoughts and opinions. They want what you want for yourself and vice versa. What makes a friendship unique is that both people aren’t exactly the same and have a variety of opinions.

  1. They stick around.

• Through all of our lives, people come and go, but loving friends will be in it for the long haul. We all experience different seasons throughout our life, and true friends will want to stay because they care about you.

I think it takes a lot of things to be a good teacher. For starter, a good teacher should be friendly and congenial, which is a prerequisite. It is very hard to imagine how someone can be a good teacher without the certain friendliness. Another qualification a good teacher should have is adequate academic knowledge. On top of it, a good teacher has to be inspirational. I mean, they should encourage and inspire students to show their initiative to learn rather than kill their curiosity and passion.


Traditional VS. Modern

Tradition is the collective wisdom and modes of behavior of the ancestor’s cherished and ritualistical iy observed by the present generations. Tradition is also belittled occasionally when it is seen to sanction or promote unscientific and superstitious conduct and beliefs. Modernity as opposed to tradition refers to an outlook that is generally future oriented and forward looking. Modernity rests on a rational interpretation of religious, social and economic institutions and phenomena. Modernity is identified very often with the industrialized western civilization where the family relationships, legal institutions and statecraft underwent tremendous transformation following the Reformation and Renaissance.

Domestic VS. Abroad

  • Thanks to globalization, many companies look for international experience as they expand overseas operations, enter new markets, or develop international partnerships.
  • With a strong understanding of cultural and business norms, you will be more effective in developing global solutions to universal problems.
  • If you develop and lead a project while overseas, you will demonstrate that you are able to bridge cultural differences to deliver desired results.
  • Studying abroad will strengthen your leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills, all of which are important in the workplace.
  • Students who study abroad are viewed as independent, self-reliant, adaptable,open-minded, patient and tolerant.

Alone VS. Group

Group work is important for helping students learn how to resolve disputes, and it gives them an insight into the real working world. Benefits to the teacher include being able to assign complex assignments, which are easier to complete when several students are working on them.
Group work is a useful way to reinforce certain skills among students, including:
• Managing their time and making plans
• Negotiating with others and resolving disputes
• Approaching difficult tasks by breaking them down into smaller steps
• Communicating with others and challenging their ideas
• Appointing roles and learning from others’ perspectives
• Learning how to use support from their peers to take risks and try new things
• Finding ways to be held accountable when working as part of a broader group
• Working independently and having confidence in their own ideas.

Academic Qualifications VS. Work Experience

  • In many countries, education is being considered the step towards success, but in some countries it might need social skills and computer skills before applying to the jobs. In a developed, modern society in particular, it is essential to have some sort of academic qualification, as this is the first thing potential employers will look at. Academic qualifications are the only easy and reliable way to find an efficient, dependable employee.

  • If you haven’t got a clue what career you want to do, work experience is a perfect way to sample all the career options out there. It’s a way of exploring different jobs without actually committing to anything. You can dip your toe in the water without taking the full plunge.

  • It’s the best way to get a real sense of your chosen industry. You’ll get to speak to employees and ask them questions. You won’t know what it’s like until you get closer to the action







  • part1:house/apartment;favourite room;plants(听成了plan了哭);be on time
  • part2:a comic actor
  • part 3:好看和演技/中国和西方/老人和年轻人/演员和老师薪资的比较

have a good day.